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Budha Girl

Garnet Luxe AWB - Serenity Prayer

Garnet Luxe AWB - Serenity Prayer

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Who could imagine that luxury could be so very modern? Our BuDhaGirl Luxe AWB has all the amazing qualities of its sister bangles…it is waterproof, soundless, weightless, and TSA proof.

Garnet is an extraordinary gem that is most recognized by its intense deep-red hue. Its qualities are of purification and of inspiring love and devotion. Garnet creates positivity and encourages emotional harmony. BuDhaGirl’s Garnet Luxe All Weather Bangle is elegantly crafted by our fine-jewelry workshops in Thailand. Seasoned craftsmen turn and polish the sterling silver Serenity Prayer bead that is then dipped in 3 microns of 18kt gold. Totally crafted by hand, touched by over 10 artisans.

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